ES9C holds the CQWW multi-multi EU records

ES9C is the contest callsign of ERAU that has been joining ES-ops and our foreign friends in different multi-op operations for years. In 2013 ES9C returned to the royal MM category after 12 years and supported by great propagation, it was a huge success! CQWW SSB MM record left Nordic countries in 1989 when LX7A took it over from Lithuanians (UP8A) who set it a year earlier and the CQWW CW MM record of 22.2M made by the OH2U boys in 1999 was crashed by DR1A in 2011.

ES9C started MM station testing sessions at ES5TV's QTH in 2013 WPX contests and the "dress rehearsal" was CQWW RTTY that resulted in world top finish and a new world MM record of 16,321,906 points!
And here are the final results: 
CQWW SSB and CW operations went even more smoothly and great night time propagation on high bands did not give southern EU stations a chance to catch us. Thus having all the stars aligned, ES9C broke both EU records respectively with 39,013,828 and 30,790,130 points. Operators, comments and statistics about those historic operations may also be found from our 3830 postings.
The final results on CQWW 2013 contests are here:
In early spring of 2014 ES9C was attempting the EU MM record again in WPX SSB and we succeeded breaking DR1A 2011 result by more than 10M points including taking the first place in the world! Once again, the propagation was hugely to our favour and everything worked out flawlessly. We also set the new world prefix record of 2057.
Then only the icing on the cake remained to be accomplished - WPX CW MM EU record to complete the golden set of 5 main MM events. It was not going to be easy as the propagation seemed to be going down and DR1A 2012 record of 34,790,058 was standing strong. We made extra efforts of putting the experience gathered in previous MM operations well into use and paid special attention on avoiding mistakes and score reduction having 2 Run ops on every postion checking each other. We ended up having almost a tie with DR1A 2012 submitted score so all was left to the log checking and we could only hope having been accurate enough.
When the results came out we could hardly believe our eyes. We won the world and made the new EU record of 34,805,664 points. That is only amazing 0,045% more than DR1A 2012 record. While we also made the new all time world prefix record of 1632, the lead of 15,606 points means the difference was less than 1 multiplier or 5 QSOs!!!
And WPX 2014 results are here: 
What an amazing contest season to remember and big thanks to all the participants and contributors!
Tõnno, ES5TV