This year's Estonian radio amateurs' summer camp will be held at Toolse puhkeküla (ES4-area, Lääne-Virumaa) at the beginning of July: 1.-3.07.2022.

The traditional opening ceremony will take place on Saturday (2.07.), 11 o'clock, but many arrive already on Friday evening for the "get-together" event. The exact agenda of the meeting will be published later. If you are interested in accomodation, please contact ES6QC (es6qc[ät] 

CU in July!

ERAU Board

We herewith inform, that due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine ERAÜ has decided to cancel 2022 ES OPEN HF CHAMPIONSHIP on April 16th. We are hoping for the end of war and restoration of peace in Eastern Europe that would allow us to return to our hobby and invite you to participate in ES OPEN in 2023!

ERAÜ Board and HF Committee

We now have the final results of the NRAU-Baltic Contest 2022! The results can be seen at the specially designed web-site for NRAU-Baltic Contest (tnx to ES1TU!):
Congratulations to winners and many thanks to all participants!  

CU in NRAU-Baltic 2023,
LRMD HF Committee/ c/o ERAÜ

Seeing the brutal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, ERAÜ expresses our deep sympathy to the Ukrainian people and is totally condemning this military action! To show solidarity with the hams in Ukraine, ERAÜ proposes that ES amateurs should temporarily stop working with Russian hams on air, though understanding that they can not be blamed of the current situation.

We are glad to announce, that the Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society (LRMD) has joined the proposal.  

Slava Ukraini!      

ERAÜ Board

ERAÜ has published a comprehensive book on the history of Estonian amateur radio, titled "From morse key to mouse click. Time travel with Estonian radio amateurs". It gives a survey of our hobby from its start in the 1920-ies through the decades up to nowadays - 462 pages, full colour print with many photos, drawings and tables. The book is in Estonian language, but has an English summary at the end (on 7 pages). Written by Teolan Tomson (ES1AO) and Arvo Pihl (ES2MC). The book was presented at the Estonian summer camp on 14 August 2020.

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