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Guidelines to use WinTest for ES Open HF Championship

by ES5TV

  • Use for example RDXC contest configuration and MIXED mode. If the class is SSB or CW, select the respective mode. A QSO on the same band and in a different mode will be correctly allowed.
  • Open 4 different logging windows before the contest, having different log file names but the same configuration. After every period select an appropriate window, use menu item EDIT->EDIT SERIAL NUMBER, enter a correct number and continue working. Again, every station can be worked once on both bands and modes - 4 times in total in one period.
  • Multipliers and QSO points are not counted correctly, but it's quite simple to print out a matrix on paper and mark the worked multipliers. As the maximum number is 40 for MIXED and 20 for single-mode classes, the task is relatively easy. Don't worry about QSO points, they will be re-calculated during log checking.
  • After the contest, export each log as Cabrillo and merge them into a single file. Again, you needn't worry about the CLAIMED SCORE field.

First, download a zip file that contains two files - a specific cty.dat file and also a udc file created for this contest. 

Please copy the ".udc" file into the UserDefinedContests directory and the ES-Open-HF_cty.dat file into the SupportFiles directory of your N1MM+. After that you must start a new contest in N1MM and choose "ESOPEN" from the contest list.

Next step: after you have created the contest, you need to load (from the Tools menu of N1MM+) the above mentioned ".dat" file to get the right multipliers ("Import country list from downloaded files"). The SupportFiles directory is prompted - choose the file named ES-Open-HF_cty.dat. 

Now you should have everything ready for the contest, N1MM+ counts correctly the periods and dupes, points and multipliers.

Just have fun and good luck in ES Open!

ERAU HF Committee 

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