Log programs for ES Open VUSHF Field Day

The ERAU VHF Committee recommends to use N1MMLogger+ for the ES Open FD Contest. This program matches the changed rules of the contest in the best way and is a proven software for both, HF and VHF use. We have created 3 udc-files for the 3 sub-contests in FD: ES-VUSHF-FD.udc for the 2m-23cm section, ES-50MHz-FD.udc for the 6m contest and ES-MicroW-FD.udc for the Microwave contest. They are archived in a zip-file that can be downloaded from here!

Please unpack the zip-file and copy these 3 udc-files into the UserDefinedContests folder of the N1MMLogger. Start a new contest in N1MM and according to the FD sub-contest choose a proper abbreviation from the list, i.e. VHF-ES-FD (if you do 2m-23cm contests), VHF-ESMWFD (for microwaves) and VHF-ES6MFD (for 6m contest). You must also change the locator in the Sent Exchange field in the Contest Setup dialog box - currently the locator is KO29GG, replace it with your own locator, hi! Of course it is also essential to fill correctly in the data in the "Change your station data" dialog box, so that N1MM correctly uses your call-sign and knows your locator.  

If you have completed the above given steps, N1MM should correctly handle the points and serial numbers on each band, calculate the worked locatores and allow you the make duplicate OSOs during the 2nd period (in 2m, 70cm and 23cm sub-contests). The only missing procedure is calculating the bonus points for the worked locators - you have to add that manually while presenting your log to the Committee. But even if you will not do it, we will add the bonus points during the log-checking procedure, so, you can also skip this manual correction if you feel uncertain about it...

NB! Due to the changes in the duplicate QSO-rules the formerly used SM0LCB Logger's ES FD templates are not valid for checking the dupes. But as you can work all the stations again after 120 min from the start of the contest, then just work everybody during the 2nd 2-hours period and do not bother about the 0-points Logger will give you for the QSO-s. Again - the judges will correct your log during the log-checking procedure anyway!

If you have used the Lithuanian CGLog2 programme before, then we also have a solution for you now - the new configuration files should be copied into the Templates sub-directory (replace the old ones with the new ones) and you are ready to run! A zip-file containing the new templates can be downloaded from here!

Good luck in ES Field Day!

Viimati uuendatud Teisipäev, 31 Mai 2016 15:07